Losing weight while lying down

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So many kilos have already been dropped with Women Slim Forever!
Congratulations to every woman who has played their part! We look forward to more success in the future.


The ideal weight loss program for every age.

It’s easier than EVER to drop kilos!

  • No hypnosis
  • No nutrition or diet program
  • No sports program
  • No diet supplements

What is Women Slim Forever?

How Women Slim Forever works

Women Slim Forever applies where there is only one way to

  • get thin quick and
  • stay thin in the long term

and that’s in the brain – the control centre of your thoughts and actions!

With the Clear the Brain method you will get rid of all of those needless thoughts about food, nutrition, and weight gain and loss. We free you from your weight and self-sabotage programs, all while lying down. This is so that natural order is restored in your mind, the weight loss control center. Your ideal weight will be reached automatically.

IMPORTANT: Being thin has nothing to do with a lack of willpower, but is actually the most natural thing in the world – we’ll prove it to you!

Clear the Brain and your BODY will follow!

AND because women and men are different, this program is specially designed for WOMEN!

Success stories

Share your own personal success story with us:

“I DID IT! – lost 20 kg with Women Slim Forever. ‘Losing weight lying down’ almost sounds too good to be true. I was quite sceptical at first, but the success (minus 14 kg up to that point) soon became obvious! Such a small investment for so much success – simply unbelievable.”
Diana, Northampton (GB)

“I’ve finally done it! I reached 62 kg – with Women Slim Forever – 10 kg less!”
Elisabeth, Los Angeles (US)

“Thanks to this programme, I finally feel good all around (lost 11 kg), liberated and happy. I’m starting to love my body again – it’s a great feeling!”
Barbara, near Portland (US)

“I’ve already tried countless diet programmes. Some were successful, some weren’t. BUT the ultimate end result was always the same: the famous ‘Jo-Jo effect’ – until I found this programme. Great concept, great success (my target 6 kilos are gone :-)! Thanks to Women Slim Forever.”
Lucy, Fayetteville (GB)

“Crazy – hard to believe I’ve finally reached my target weight!”
Jacquline, Sydney (AU)

“Weight problems during menopause are now finally a thing of the past!”
Abby, Springfield (US)

“I DID IT – the scale is finally showing the 6 in front! Hard to believe!”
Elayne, Victoria (CDN)

“I can finally say goodbye to fighting through the diet jungle – I’ve found my perfect solution in this programme!”
Pamella, Mackay (AU)

Clear the brain and your body will follow!

Frequently Asked Questions

What you might be interested in:

It’s important to us that women can afford this program. There are so many women who have spent their money on very disappointing little weight loss successes. Our concept for success works the other way. It’s crucial for us that all women feel happy with their bodies – and are able to lead their lives radiant with joy.

Installing an app on your phone (iPhone or Android) is quick and really easy. Just click on the “Google Play Store” icon for Android phones, or “Apple Store” for iPhones, shown on this site’s programme pricing page. You are directly forwarded to the respective store, where you can download the app.

You will be led step-by-step through the installation process – it’s a lot easier than it sounds :-).

You can also open the search window on your smartphone (Play Store) or your iPhone (Apple Store) and enter “women-slim-forever”, and the app will appear. You will then be led through every step of the installation process in the store. The instructions are very easy to understand.


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Women-slim-forever and the Clear the Brain method are designed in such a way that it can be used from ages 10-100. Minors may only use the program with parental permission and guidance. You set your own pace.

This highly efficient weight loss program is based on a revolutionary concept that incorporates the latest insight in brain research, genetics, neurobiology, behavioural and consciousness research, psychology, nutrition and sports science, and quantum physics.

Women-slim-forever and the Clear the Brain method are a program specially developed for women – one which has already proven very successful for numerous women without any frustration. You can see this on the total success counter on our site. Women-slim-forever does not mean abstaining from eating or the constant counting of calories, working out, etc. It dissolves blockages in the subconscious and the brain receives new information. This is all done in such a way that your own target weight can finally be reached and maintained. Nothing happens agaionst your will. That’s very important to us, because we don’t want to be like countless other “gurus” who offer a programme that goes against your better inner judgment and is supposed to be the same for everyone. That cannot work. Losing weight depends to the individual, and Women-slim-forever has considered this very extensively in developing its methods.

Just you! We guarantee that we do no store any of your personal weight loss data. If you share your success with others, you have complete control over which data you share.

After buying the app you can log into the Women-slim-forever forum. Here you will find many more answers to questions that frequently come up (in the FAQs category). There are also many women who are already very familiar with the programme and who can answer questions. However, should you not receive a satisfactory answer to your question in the forum from other users, you can simply contact us at clear-the-brain@women-slim-forever.com.

Select a programme according to your honest goal – just no false modesty ;-). After all, goals are meant to be achieved. Clear the brain and your body will follow! You’re drawing on unlimited resources!

BUY THE APP NOW and lose weight while lying down!

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